"I started processing my emotions by ripping up my beautiful photographs of nature and flowers..."

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Claire Victoria DeVoe Rooney was born in Naples, Florida in 1989. She now resides in Jacksonville, Florida with her husband after receiving her Bachelor of Fine Arts from University of North Florida in 2013. Claire is now self-employed as the Founder, CEO and Designer for her brand, DeVoe. She is currently concentrating on the production of her authentic adventure bag collections.

Claire is an Contemporary Collagist. At first glance, her work is a unique juxtaposition of colors, shapes, lines and materials. It is a funky, fresh, blend of island urban styles. As you take a closer look you start to identify certain objects as you would in an 'I Spy' book, typically finding all types of flowers and foliage, vast landscapes, books, jewelry, sea creatures, hands, insects, vessels, etc. 

 In her painting studio, she works in two separate processes. One process involves wheat paste and multiple mediums while creating her collages. The other process is a printmaking technique called mono-printing, for this process Claire uses exterior latex acrylic paints and water. She is obsessed with the healing and therapeutic qualities of the collage process and the mystery of the layering translucent colors during her mono-printing. Claire investigates her own photography in her collages, she also uses her old lithography, intaglio, and screen prints, paintings, exterior latex paint, liquid acrylics, charcoal, and fabrics in her work. 

Her mother's Jams World clothing collection and her love for the urban brand Coogi inspired her to want to create her own Island Urban infused fabrics and clothing brand. Claire's fabric designs are derived from her original artwork used for her brand, DeVoe. Claire is constantly pushing herself to stay outside of her comfort zone, going back and forth from her painting studio to her sewing studio. Claire is focused on developing her character and courage by staying curious and creative as she works toward her dreams.